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March 9, 2012
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Youkoso!! :happybounce:

:bulletorange:Minna-san!! Konnichiwa!! Hello guys!! I'm Hikari!! I'm sure that all of you like anime & manga!! & that's what I do too!! But I'm also sure that you have found a Japanese sentence that you didn't understand while watching them…or saw some Japanese characters that you couldn't read…

:bulletorange:Well…I had the same problem… but it's over now!! Because from now on…I'll try to teach you all what I know so you can learn all the basics of Japanese languages!!
& after 10 lessons…you will be able to understand a simple dialogue, make simple sentences, introduce your self, & speak about your likes & dislikes!!

:bulletorange:The first lesson will be about….about what….try to guess…don't know? I'll tell you…

First lesson: Watashi wa ureshii desu!!

After this lesson you will be able to introduce your self in Japanese…describe something…& telling the situation something is.

LET'S START!! :w00t!:

:bulletorange:For today's lesson…we will need some words…let me see…

:bulletpink:Watashi: I
:bulletpink:Anata: You
:bulletpink:Kare: He
:bulletpink:Kanojo: She

:bulletorange:Oh…& to make the plural form…you just put "Tachi" after each pronoun…Like that:

:bulletpink:Watashi-tachi: We  
:bulletpink:Anata-tachi: You (plural)
:bulletpink:Kare-tachi: They (masculine)
:bulletpink:Kanojo-tachi: They (feminine)

:bulletorange:& some demonstrative pronouns like:

:bulletpink:Kore: This/These
:bulletpink:Sore: That/Those

:bulletorange:We will need also some adjectives….ummmm…:

:bulletpink:Ureshii: Happy
:bulletpink:Kanashii: sad

:bulletorange:& some nouns…

:bulletpink:Hon: Book
:bulletpink:Kuruma: Car

OKAY!! Let's begin!! Ganbatte!! :w00t!:

:bulletorange:Look carefully at this sentence: "Watashi wa Hikari desu"
This sentence means "I'm Hikari"…I'm sure that you have discover the secret… :giggle:

:bulletpink:You already know that "Watashi" means "I"…. & you know that "Hikari" is my name….so the "wa" & the "desu" means "to be"!!

That's it!! So if you want to say "I'm Sakura" as an example…you just say "Watashi wa Sakura desu"!!

& it's the same thing with all the other pronouns!! To say "He's Ichigo" you say "Kare wa Ichigo desu"!! See?! Easy!! :aww:

:bulletorange:Now we're done with the names…What about the adjectives? You will see!! It's as easy as the names!! :D
Look at this sentence: "Watashi wa Ureshii desu"

:bulletpink:This sentence means "I'm happy!!"…You already know what does "Watashi" mean…& I told you at the beginning that "Ureshii" means "Happy"…you got it? It's just like the first one!! It's just that we put an adjective instead of the name!! We can also put a name instead of the pronoun…watch… "Hikari wa ureshii desu"!! Simple!! Isn't it? :happybounce:

:bulletorange:Finally… the nouns… Watch this: "Kore wa Kuruma desu"
This means "This is a car"… I told you… "Kuruma" means "car" & "Kore" means "This"…
It's soooo easy!! don't you agree with me? :aww:

Focus!! :juggle:

:bulletpink:Now I'm sure you have understood!! It's the same thing!! But I have to tell you something… In Japanese…there is no plural form…except for a few words…so when I say "Kore wa Kuruma desu"…It may mean "This is a car" or "These are cars"…& this is a thing that you only understand by listening to the whole dialogue…so please be careful!!! :thanks:

The Rule!! Finally!! :squee:

:bulletorange:So…after seeing those examples… we find that the rule is: (pronoun/noun + WA + adjective/name + DESU)…Please memorise this very well!! It's really important!! & it's the most used form of sentences!! I know that because I hear it a lot while watching anime…=D

Now!! Guess what!! It's…YOUR TURN!!! :w00t:

:bulletorange:Okay!! Now since we know the rule!! I'll see if you have understood the lesson... :aww:
:bulletpink:I want you to translate these sentences to Japanese…(Use the words that I translate at the beginning of the lesson):
  :bulletyellow:She is Yuko
  :bulletyellow:They are sad
  :bulletyellow:That is a book

:bulletorange:Now…try to make your own examples using words that you searched about in internet… (Please do!! Come on at least one!! Pleaaaaaase!!) :thanks:

BONUS!!! : Tag questions!!

:bulletorange:To use tag question…you just put "ne?" at the end of the sentence…Here!! Watch:
:bulletpink:"Kore wa ii desu ne?" & that's means "This is good!! Isn't it?"

:bulletpink:You can translate "ne" as: "isn't it" … "are they" … "aren't you"…All of them!!
Add it at the end & you get a tag question!! Just remember to raise the intonation!! :happybounce:

Sayonara!!! :wave:

:bulletorange:Now…& just to make sure that you don't forget this…I ask you to make sentences like these this every night before you go to sleep…at least three….search about more words in internet …& practise on them….So you can learn more next time… believe me!! It will help you a lot!! Because I tried it!! =D

:bulletpink:I really hope this lesson was useful for you…If you like it…I'll publish more!! :aww:


:bulletpink:Try to guess what the next lesson will talk about!! the next lesson will be related to this… Comment!! :giggle:
I made this for all my watchers who can't speak Japanese...I hope you enjoy it!!
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FizLovesManga Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This helps me soo much~!! :hug:
RyuuseiHikari Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
 Glad you like it^^
ENNEAH Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist
"Kore wa ii desu ne?"
Japanese people often can't understand this sentence.
If you want to write "This is good!! Isn't it?" in Japanese
Please write "Kore tte ii desu yo ne?(これ って いい です よ ね?)"
I can't explain why well^^;
"kore wa ii desu ne" (without "?") means "That's good!"
This is used affirmatively

but...Are you Japanese?www
Your lesson is awesome!!XD
RyuuseiHikari Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
No I'm not, I'm Algerian~~
thanks for the info :D
ENNEAH Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist
You're welcome~X)
Foxescary Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu :heart:
Oh my gosh thanks so much, these lessons helped a lot.
RyuuseiHikari Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
welcome^^ should i post more? i mean....few people would see it if i do...
Foxescary Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Oh yes, please do! They've really helped me a lot already so more would be nice, and even if a lot of people don't see it at least you've helped some people, right? :)
RyuuseiHikari Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
okay~~ I'm working on it :)
Foxescary Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013
Yay thanks so much ^^
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